I’ll probably have a lot of fun with my career later on, which is essentially on Marketing.

Our generation has come a long way with Facebook and Twitter since the birth of the web about a little more than a decade ago. To be honest, I was one of the more old traditioned, vintagey (compared to my peers) who still don’t have an Iphone and didn’t have a Facebook account until I leave for college overseas. My initial and only purpose? Keeping in touch with friends. My friends list remain as a two digit number for awhile. But now, it is clear as day to me that us users of Facebook aren’t the only ones who get the benefits anymore: Facebook, as well as big and small enterprises, are using us, for free, as their business resources to generate revenue. All of our personal information and interests are now so easily accessible to advertisers and marketers, to target more closely in this age of demassification. And in terms of Twitter, it is in fact a very credible ground that serves professionally as a bridge connecting consumers and suppliers. I’ve found (and enjoyed) a lot of the examples from the book Likeable Social Media by Kerpen this year. And hey, it’s not as if we aren’t getting any benefits out of Facebook- our world is becoming smaller and, at the same time, expanding beyond our horizons. And just a click away, we will have convenient & limitless access and discoveries of our Earth if we want to, so to speak.

There are so many more ways that advertisers and marketers can get access to customers and build product image these days. It is obvious that I need to start to get more familiar with the dominant media players out there, update my knowledge of relevant media skills and explore other options.